Monday, June 27, 2011

How to Query The Vagabond Church

Send an e-mail to, subject line: Vagabond query.

In your very short email, tell us:

Who you are.

Where you are currently published (online, or in print). If you have devotions published online, include a link.

The specific topic of your devotion. Indicate the audience for your devotion (stay-at-home moms, Prima ballerinas, construction workers, loud-mouthed-know-it-alls. You get the picture).

In a sentence or two, tell us why your devotion is vagabond. In other words, what sets it apart.

Include a very brief sample of the devotion you are pitching. No more than four lines.

If the devotion is part of a series, please indicate that, and how many devotions are in the series. Remember, simple is better.

If your devotion is accepted, you will retain the rights to your work. We ask that if you decide to publish your devotion elsewhere, you will link back to The Vagabond Church as the original publisher of the piece.

We request that all material be original (not previously published), and that you own full rights to the work.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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